Useful Links


The Australian Institute of Medical Education
This website has a whole load of resources such as PP presentations, videos and live surgery.
You need to register to gain access, and there is a requirement to fill in your student number – just to ensure that only medical students have access to the confidential information (such as patient details and what not) that is present on the site.

Medical acronyms and Medical abbreviations

Provides open access to a comprehensive medical textbook for all clinical fields. It encompasses all specialties and is a great resource for PCL information.

Links to Speciality sites, full text journal articles, medical news and more.

Medical Dictionary
A reliable online source of medical definitions

Medicine Net
Contains a wide range of information on medical diseases and conditions including information on signs and symptoms, procedures, tests, medications, health and living.

Medline Plus
Health information from the National American Library of Medicine. Large range of resources.

Virtual Medical Centre
Links to pages which provide thorough information on areas such as asthma, cardiac, cancer, blood, mental health, weight loss, women’s health, pain, skin and many more.

Best Health
A resource providing an encyclopaedia and information regarding a wide range of conditions, surgeries, and drugs as well as a number of useful health calculators.

Health Insite
A wide range of up-to-date and quality assessed information on important health topics such as diabetes, cancer, mental health and asthma.

Public Library of Science
Open access to a wide array of scientific and medical literature

Student Consult
These provide online access with extra interactive activities to a number of prescribed textbooks including Kumar and Clark- Clinical Medicine, Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology and Grey’s Anatomy for students. (Textbooks must be purchased to allow access to the website)

Online Textbooks
A website created by med students Daryl and Jasmine to share their resources.


Instant Anatomy
Contains illustrations about anatomy of the human body as well as revision questions. Has simple diagrams that are great for anatomy presentations.

Encyclopedia, reports, care guides, surgeries and procedures and copious information on a range of medical topics.

Human Anatomy Online
Interactive website that examines the Anatomy of the Human Body systemically

Medline Plus: Anatomy
Links to descriptions and pictures of the human body’s parts and organ systems

Anatomy Atlases
A digital Library of Anatomy Information

Saladin Anatomy & Physiology Quizzes


UNSW Embryology

ECG Library
Plenty of ECGs to practice interpreting.

ECG Quiz
Practice your skills in ECG interpretation, with over 200 ECGs reviewed by expert cardiologists.

ECG Simulator
Quickly learn ECG interpretation with 25 of the most common ECGs. Challenge yourself to a ECG interpretation game.

Heart Sounds and Cardiac Arrhythmias
Heart sounds tutorials where you can listen to the patient’s heart at several listening locations, while at the same time you can see video of pulsations in the neck, precordium, or extremities. The findings are explained with text, as well as illustrated with phonocardiograms, haemodynamic data, and computer animations. Also an interactive quiz to test your ability to identify correctly the first and second heart sounds, extra sounds, diastolic and systolic murmurs in recordings of actual patients

First Aid for First Year
Information about cells, cell structure, embryology, host defences and microbial pathogens. Includes practice exams and note cards.

First Aid for Second Year
Information and resources on Haematology, Cardiology, Respiratory, GIT, Renal, Endocrine and Reproductive/Genetic Systems.

Virtual Family Medicine Interest Group
Family medicine and medical education resource for students.

GP Notebook
UK Medical Encyclopedia providing regularly updated information.