Monash University Surgical Interest Group
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The Monash University Surgical Interest Group was founded in 2008 by a group of intrepid medical students keen to promote surgery as a future vocation to their peers. As a MUMUS subcommittee, MUSIG provides free membership to all Monash medical students studying in Australia. MUSIG’s primary goal is to provide medical students with the opportunity to nurture an interest in surgery, however small. Our numerous events aim to appeal to a wide range of interests and include practical, hands-on workshops and information nights about how to best pursue a surgical career.

Monash University Paediatric Promotion, Interest & Training Society
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Monash University Paediatric Promotion, Interest & Training Society (MUPPITS) is a subcommittee of MUMUS founded in 2015. MUPPITS is dedicated to providing students with information, resources, opportunities and events related to studying and training in paediatrics. To stay up to date with all the latest information and opportunities to get involved follow our Facebook page and check our website regularly!

Community & Wellbeing
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The Community & Well-being (C&W) Subcommittee aims to involve students into the community, as well as promoting and increasing awareness of student well-being. By running various fun events such as fund-raisers, BBQs, fun runs and many others, we hope to connect students within their cohort and to the wider community.

MUMUS Careers
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A MUMUS initiative created to address student questions, concerns and interest in relation to post-graduate employment in both a pre-vocational and vocational context. The subcommittee develops resources and organises events to provide students with accurate and relevant information regarding medical careers.

MUMUS Momentum
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Momentum is the official MUMUS mentor network. Founded in 2014, it pairs junior Monash medical students with senior students to provide guidance, advice and support throughout the year. In 2019, the program expanded to include doctors as mentors for final year students

Teddy Bear Hospital
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Teddy Bear Hospital (TBH) is a student-run program that aims to alleviate ‘white coat anxiety’ experienced by children when going to the doctor. During these incursions, students volunteer ‘Teddy Doctors’ run a circuit of activities for primary school students and their teddies, to familiarise them with common medical examinations and teach healthy living habits.

Monash Medical Orchestra
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Founded in 2011, the Monash Medical Orchestra (MMO) caters to the busy work and study schedules of Monash University medical students, aiming to provide our members with the opportunity to further develop their orchestral skills and express themselves artistically and creatively. As an auditioned orchestra with a professional atmosphere, the MMO seeks to maintain a high standard of musical performance and reach a wide audience, including medical students, staff members and the wider community. Under the musical direction of Mr Robert Dora, the orchestra holds a number of concerts each year and performs a variety of repertoire, from classical masterpieces to modern contemporary works.

MUMUS MedChoir
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The Monash MedChoir is a group of Monash medical students with love for and enjoyment of singing. It provides an opportunity to foster these students’ interest and passion for music in a supportive and cooperative setting as they progress through their demanding medical course. The MedChoir is managed and run by students, with the wide range of repertoire covered in its weekly rehearsals selected by members. The choir also aims to extend the enjoyment of music to others through performances to the public, providing an avenue for medical students to contribute to wellbeing of the wider community through their talents.

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Monash Universities Konvention Enthusiasm Group represents MUMUS at national AMSA Events such as Global Health Conference and Convention. Our aim is to provide a safe and accepting environment for our delegation and assist them whilst away at national AMSA events. Our events held through the year at a University level encourage the development of inter-year friendships and are the perfect way to supplement and support a student through their medical degree. To stay up to date with MUKEG and our events join our Facebook page or get in contact with one of your Dictators today!

MUMUS MedRevue
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The MUMUS MedRevue is a production outlining a humorous perspective of the Monash Medical Course and the medical students’ way of life. The production itself is written, produced, directed, and performed by the medical students themselves, with rehearsal times fitting into their busy schedule in order to allow the Monash medical students an artistic outlet for them to show their talents. Including actors, musicians, and dancers, this comedy/musical is designed wholeheartedly for the busy students in order to give them a chance to shine on the stage.

Medical Research Students' Society
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The Medical Research Students’ Society (MRSS) was re-established in 2017 and is responsible for promoting medical research opportunities to Monash medical students. In particular, we advocate for those already undertaking research, and provide extra-curricular research-oriented education and mentorship. We seek to represent all medical students interested in research including those within formal research programs, such as the BMedSc(Hons) and MD-PhD, as well as our pre-clinical and international students. MRSS hosts academic and social events, as well as journal clubs at SCS and CCS, so please come along!

Women's Health Interest Society of Monash

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The Women’s Health Interest Society of Monash (WHISM) was established in 2019 to enhance student interest and engagement in the field of Obstetrics & Gynaecology as a future career, promote relevant information across the field of Women’s Health and provide like-minded students with a platform to connect. WHISM hopes to bridge the gap between the academic Women’s Health curriculum and the broad scope of opportunities in Women’s Health. We strive to not only support clinical students as they undertake their formal studies in Women’s Health, but to also engage the captive audience of pre-clinical students.

Monash Emergency and Critical Care Special Interest Group

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Founded in 2013, the Monash Emergency and Critical Care Special Interest Group (MECCSIG) aims to represent Monash University medical students interested in the areas of Anaesthetics, Emergency Medicine, Intensive Care, and Trauma Medicine. MECCSIG seeks to connect students and clinicians with a shared interest in the above areas of medicine by providing education and opportunities in emergency and critical care medicine through presentations and workshop. We hope to promote further interest and participation with emergency and critical care and advocate for enhanced emergency and critical care learning amongst medical students.

Psychiatry Society of Monash

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Founded in 2021, the Psychiatry Society of Monash (PsySOM) is a MUMUS subcommittee providing educational resources and career development opportunities as well as supporting networking and community involvement in psychiatry. We recognise the role of psychiatry across all fields of medicine and aim to inspire and encourage Monash medical students to further their skills and knowledge in this field.

Queer Health Collective

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Founded in 2014, QHC is a group dedicated to improving queer health, both within the health profession and within the community. We are excited to harness the passion, ideas and experience of health students and are looking forward from learning from all the amazing students in our own cohorts.

We hope to engage with the broader queer rights movement as well as providing education for students and advocating for LGBTIQ representation and equity within the health profession.