MUMUS is the student society that represents the 2000 med students enrolled at Monash Clayton (undergraduate) and Monash Gippsland (graduate). You’re automatically a member just by being a Monash Meddie.

Throughout your degree, MUMUS is your voice to the med faculty and to AMSA (Australian Medical Students Association) as well as your source of social events, academic support and wellbeing endeavours.

Throughout the year MUMUS hosts a huge range of social events including an exciting O-Week, our much-anticipated MedBall, MedCamp, sports days and community events.

We also provide a wide range of academic supports – from revision lectures, to study groups, to career nights – as well as having an amazing Community & Wellbeing team who host events that help you deal with stress and perfect the art of the med-life balance.

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As a Monash Meddie you’re lucky enough to also have 3 other great student groups as well as MUMUS:

WILDFIRE, our Rural Health club,

Ignite, our Global Health club, and

Team:MED, a new international health initiative which provides opportunities to volunteer overseas.